Monday, June 29, 2015

Early Jordanelle swim

Late last night I drove to Jordanelle and slept in the back of the van with the seats out.  I met Chad up there for an early morning swim. Slept good like I normally do when camping.  Got up at 0340 and drove down to the boat ramp.  Goody arrived and got his kayak setup to support us.  It was good he was there.  I forgot how nice it is to have a kayaker there especially in the dark.  He was able to spot a piece of floating debris to steer clear of.

This was only my 2nd swim in Jordanelle and I was unfamiliar with how far it was to the Dam, or any shorelines that are especially good to avoid.  Goody did a good job guiding us and I am grateful. 

Shoulder felt stiff around mile 3 and offered to switch with Goody, but he was fine and I wasn't completely done.  So I stayed in the water and finished the swim.  Swam 4.66 miles in 2:45.

Pushed it along the buoy line which Josh caught up and passed me on.  That boy is getting quick!  I bet he sets a PR at the SDM meet in November.

Water temp was 72°.  Just as warm as Pineview was last week.  It's warmed up!  Next week we're going to Strawberry.

Beautiful morning swim.  Not quick glassy, but not terrible either.

Monday, June 22, 2015

First Pineview swim of the year

Oh my, I waited too long for my first swim in Pineview.  The water this morning was warm!  It was 72.6° according to my watch.

I met Chad at 0400 and we swam two Goody loops for a total of 5.25 miles.

When we got to the very southwest corner heading along the south shore, I noticed a very faint light
on the horizon as the sun was starting to make the swim back a little easier to see.   By the time we finished the first lap it was no longer dark at all, but still the sun hadn't popped up yet over the mountains.  That didn't happen until we got to the southwest corner again after swimming the dam buoys.  I noticed that my water bottle was dragging over the side after the first lap.  Noticed less drag on the second lap and it felt better.  My shoulder was sore, but not in terrible pain.

Total: 5.25 miles in 2:50

On the way noticed that my shoulder was sore, and when I reach out for something it was painful, and weak.  I'll get an appointment with Grayson to see what she suggests.  I haven't seen much progress over that past couple months.  Do I just have to live with it?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Not giving up

This morning I realized I didn't confirm with Chad meeting up.  Texted him at 2:30 hoping he might be up.  He was.  Agreed to meet at 0400 at 24hr fitness.  Here's the workout:

500 free
4 x 100’s kick with board
8 x 50’s free/stroke on :50
8 x 100’s odd free, even IM
800 bilateral breathe on 12:00
2 x 400’s pull
4 x 75’s free/stroke/free
8 x 200’s on 3:15 (got 2:32 @ 95% on one)
3 x 300’s - 1st one fast! (4:06),  2nd one moderate, 3rd one cooldown kicking

6,500 total

Was feeling good till the last set.  Shoulder felt like I just swam 5 times that far.  Ouch!  Need some ice. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CSS Retest day

This morning met up with Chad and swam this workout:

1,200 warmup - 3 x 400’s warmup - 1 - free, 2 - kick with fins, 3 - IM easy

400 for time (5:11)
900 recovery - 12 x 75’s - rotating stroke by 25 focus on quality form and not really speed.
Do three times:
fly, back, breast
back, breast, free
breast, free, fly
free, fly, back
200 for time (2:34)  CSS calculates to 1:19

1500 - 3 x 500’s free (pull the second one) :30 rest between each  Try to get under 7:00 on each (1:24/100 average) (Got 7:01, 6:38, 6:50)

5 x 200’s - 1&2 free, 3 backstroke, 4&5 free :15 rest between each
6 x 100’s sprint - breathe goofy side only, aim for 1:25 or better (got all under 1:25) on 1:45

400 easy warmdown

6,200 yards total

Friday, June 5, 2015

FIrst swim with the legend BJ Christensen

Yesterday afternoon I saw a facebook post by local triathlon legend, BJ Christensen that he's swimming at Bountiful Lake and looking for buddies to swim with.  I totally jumped on it.

I've swam with him before a couple times at SDRC, but never in open water.

This was my first swim in Bountiful Lake since last year prior to MIMS.  A couple weeks ago when we did our SLOW clinic out there the temp was 54°.  I knew it would be much warmer than that since we had a few days of really warm weather.  I got there early to take a temp and it game to 65°.  That was perfect!

Other swimmers also showed up:  Julie, Brady, Aurora.  BJ took the lead as we swam around the perimeter of the lake cutting the first corner in the southeast.  But after that we hit every corner.  First lap came to .91 miles.  After that we reversed back for another lap but this time hitting every corner of the lake.  Total swim just under 2 miles.  Water was calm and as you can see just cloudy.  No wind or rain.  Just a calm and beautiful swim this morning.

I was totally unable to hang with BJ.  He's too fast and my shoulder was pretty stiff.  I estimate probably at about 80-85% of full power.  Every once in a while I could feel Julie tap my toes.  I was glad to be able to provide her some practice at drafting.  That's something I don't get much practice at myself and was pleased to give her that training.  She races the Boise half Ironman next weekend.  She'll do fantastic.

This evening I meet Josh at GSL for his one mile swim entry which will count for his race entry.  I'm also having Jacob race it then too since both of us have Oliver's baptism tomorrow morning.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to coaching Grid Squids

This morning Oliver, Sam, Isaac and Adell Rupert, Cathi and I swam at Rush.  We swam the following:

6 x 50's kick
8 x 50's alternating strokes : 20 rest
4 x 100's free with good form and flip turns on 2:15
100 easy

Today the kids still had school so we had to get out kinda early and followed up this with a game "Leave No Trace".  Just like the scouts.  There were a couple bandaids, wrappers and other stuff in the bottom of the pool, so we had a race to see who could collect the most.  Adell won with 15 points and Sam with 10 points.  Much cleaner pool now.  Only complaint: 86.6°F  Made me think I should probably consider Molokai Channel.  If only my shoulder wouldn't give me such trouble.

The kids went home with Cathi while I repeated the above set two more times.

3,600 yards total

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birthday swim

This morning I met Chad at 24 hr at 3:30am for a birthday swim.  Here's the workout I put together and swam, but I had more on the workout that I did not swim because the shoulder was already painful and I felt I should stop before making it worse.

800 warmup
6 x 150’s free/stroke/free by 50
12 x 100’s free 1-4 on 1:45, 5 - 8 on 1:40, 9 - 12 on 1:35
1000 choice
400 pull + 400 easy

4,700 yards total

Disappointed that my shoulder is still giving me trouble.  Can't expect much when I don't work it.  I need to do more frequent swims of one hour instead of expecting my shoulder to perform 2 hr distances only once or twice a week.  Once the Rush team finally dies the end of this week, I'll get my Tuesday/Thursday's back and then I'll be able to train consistently.  Gotta remember not to fill in that space with other obligations.  It takes a very selfless person to coach as frequently as youth coaches do.  And at this point, while I'd love to help, my time available doesn't allow it.

I'm 43 years old and for the first time in my adult life.  I feel old.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting faster

This morning I met Chad at 24hr pool in Sugarhouse.  I was a little late and started the swim after he already did the warmup.  Here's the workout:

400 - 4 x 100’s free fast on 1:25 (Got under 1:15 on each)
1200 - 4 x 300’s bilateral breathe on 5:00 (4:15)
2000 - 4 x 500’s pull/snorkel on 7:30 (7:00 pulling but 7:35 w/snorkel)
1000 no equipment free
6 x 100’s on 1:40 (1:20)
400 cool down

5,600 yards total

Shoulder was feeling it on the faster than usual pace of those 100's but not terrible pain.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Palindrome day - 5/15/15

Last night I messaged Chad asking if I could swim his workout with him:

Started at 0400 at 24hr in Sugarhouse.  I'm quickly becoming a fan of this place.  They actually keep the pool cool compared to most other places.  Keep forgetting to take a temp but I'm guessing around 81 or 82.

Here's the workout:

300 Free
200 Kick with fins

Main Set:
6 x 100’s free Strong on 1:40 (averaged 1:20)
        500 pull with buoy (bilateral breathe)
        50 backstroke easy
        3 x 200’s freestyle on 3:00 (averaged 2:50)
        300 free (no equipment) - swim strong (got 3:55)
150 kick with fins
75 IM (minus fly)
Push off the wall and immediately flip-turn and swim back (5 yards total)
75 IM (minus fly)
150 kick with fins
300 free (no equipment) - swim strong (got 3:57)
        3 x 200’s freestyle on 3:00 (averaged 2:58 ouch!)
50 backstroke easy
500 pull with buoy (bilateral breathe)
6 x 100’s free Strong on 1:40 (averaged 1:21)

200 Kick with fins
300 Free

Total: 5555 yards

Shoulder was pretty sore the last 1000.  Speed was good today, just bummed that it had to be accompanied by pain in the right shoulder.  Took  a couple advil and its fine now.  Just annoying that I can't swim more than 3 miles without having trouble.  Trying to be patient...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Less than ideal week for swimming

On Monday I had to coach SDM, and so I swam with Chad on Tuesday and only was able to swim part of his workout.  Here's what I did with him:

4 x 250’s - 200 free + 50 backstroke on 3:45
6 x 50’s 3 front / 3 inverted(backstroke) flutter kick :15 rest per 50
4 x 500’s - 400 free + 100 backstroke on 8:30

I did capture quite a bit of pics of him though, which I still need to organize and get to him.  Here is the man himself, on film.
 But after the 4th 500 I stopped.  Shoulder was sore and I didn't really want to push it.  Then the past few days I had a "Hackathon" at work so I have been spending 13-15 hour days at work getting my project completed.  It was fun and mentally stimulating, but far from physically stimulating.  I have a scout camp this weekend so that also rules out an open water swim on the normal Friday outing.


Only 3,300 yards this week.  Pretty lame.

Next week.